Sunday, July 15, 2012

Top 8 Tech Sites for Test Prep~ Arcademics

I'm going to do a little round up of the top websites I use in the computer lab. I gear my computer lab time towards fun ways to build academic skills. My students are completely engaged during this time and we have a great time practicing what we know! Some sites are more fun than others, but they are all engaging and most importantly, each site is building skills, not wasting time! One of the most important features of every site I chose is that they have built in differentiation for the diverse learners in my room, I don't want anyone not challenged or struggling too much.

And now for the Top 8 Tech Sites for Test Prep...

Arcademic Skill Builders
Arcademics is math and reading practice site with an emphasis in quick recall. Teachers can select the games their students are able to play. There are multiplication, addition, verbs, sight words, and a variety of other topic games. My students absolutely love this site! Once they received their logins they were meeting each other at night on their home computers to race each other at Multiplication Grand Prix.

Grand Prix Multiplication

Grand Prix Multiplication is just one of the multiplication games. Teachers are able to track progress and see accuracy, how many attempted, and the length of time it takes to finish a problem. This is especially important for those multiplication facts!

One of the reports available

This report was sorted by activity, but you can also sort by student to see how your students are doing. I use this to see who is participating in the games, and who is just sitting there. I can see this in real time when I am in the computer lab! I can also look at the accuracy levels for each student. This is helpful to see who is struggling and is maybe doing activities that are too hard or too easy. I also use the information to guide students who are spending too much time on one game.

I really enjoy this site, and I know my students do too. When I logged in to get the screen shots this post, one of last years students had used the site a few days ago (yes, in the middle of the summer!) The only real downfall I see in this program is the emphasis on quickness. I think it can hinder some students that struggle with typing/mousing skills and also those that are a little slower to process.

Have you used Arcademics? What are the pros and cons you see in the program?

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