Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Top 8 Tech. Sites for Test Prep~ NWEA MAP Reading

I'm continuing my series on sites I use for test prep. You can check out what I've done so far by clicking on the Technology tab up top!

#3 NWEA MAP Reading

This is very similar to MAP math that I talked about in my last tech. post. Once again, you are able to chose the area that the student is struggling with and then put them on the correct level. I think it is so important that students are working on their own level. It bothers me when I see students working either too easy, or not hard enough. Either way, the student is not learning. I have the student go to the area they are struggling with the most, in this case literature, and then chose the level they are on.
When you go to their level you have a whole list of games for them to play. Look at all those games, isn't this great? The students really like having the choice on what to play, and I know they are working at their level. Make sure you have flash and javascript installed before you get started or you will have lots of kids saying they can't play anything!

I usually use this site during my literacy centers. The only down fall with the NWEA Reading is these categories don't match exactly what NWEA says. I'm thinking maybe these are the primary grade categories?

I hope this site is useful to someone out there in bloggy land, I know it has helped my students test scores immensely!


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