Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Multiplication Strategies

 Just in time for the sale today I am releasing a new product called Multiplication Strategies and Games!

This product encourages discovery of multiplication concepts by having students multiply using number lines, equal groups, arrays, skip counting and repeated action. This packet includes: Mini book exploring the multiplication strategies for all the facts 2-9, Worksheets for each strategy, and 4 games. Aligned to 3.OA.1 and 3.OA.3. Provide a fun and interactive way for your learners to practice multiplication strategies beyond just memorization!
Click here to go to the product on TpT!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Teachers are Heroes Sale

It's that time again! Time for another sale on TpT. It's pretty embarrassing my last post was announcing a sale, but I promise to be better about updating! This is a great time to stock up on fun activities to get through the winter slump before Spring Break!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

TpT Back to School Sale
I am so excited for the TpT back to school sale going on now! There is only one more day left! I know I'm filling my basket with goodies.

One thing I've got my eye on is Ashleigh's Social Studies Interactive Notebook. I will be teaching Social Studies to my class and another class while another teacher teaches Science, so I think this would be a fun way to compete with her awesome science experiments :)

If you are looking for something to spice up your teaching, let me suggest my Bucket Filling Activity Packet. Bucket filling is my absolute favorite thing about my classroom and it brings such positive things to even the most difficult classes!

I've been working in my class the last few days, and thanks to my wonderful hubby, I have a lot done so far! I snapped a couple of quick pictures to show you!

So this is my voice volume poster, my expectations poster and my visual schedule.

I'm super proud of this part, and I think it looks so cute! I used my polka dot duct tape on the board to separate out a place for my learning targets. My hubby put down painters tape so I wouldn't ruin the board, then he put down the duct tape on top. I love how it looks!!

Finally, I jazzed up my clock with some helpers for telling time. My hope is that they will be able to count by 5's from these numbers and be able to see easily that the 6 means 30 minutes. I can always add the rest of the times later if they still need a little support!

All the signage you see is available in my Classroom Organization~ Teal Chevron Classroom Decor! It's on sale now! Haha, I sound like an informercial, just ignore that last part!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Counting Songs

I wanted to share a little something I use in my classroom every day. It is the skip counting songs by Have Fun Teaching.

My class absolutely adores the songs, and during my observations they were dying to share with my assistant principal. They can sing all the words and I have seen a great improvement in their multiplication skills. They are able to skip count by all numbers in order to find out the answer to a multiplication problem.

Each video has a different animal or person dancing and it shows the numbers as they count up. I usually close the projector after one round each day so they can practice without seeing the number. Every year each class has their favorite and they usually have dance moves to go with each song!

I would highly recommend these songs! You can watch them on youtube, but the Have Fun Teaching site gives you the ability to buy the songs in DVD form for $20. They are not paying me for this and have no idea who I am, I just love the product so much!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's time to start planning again...

After a much needed breather, I am back! I've been updating my products for the 14-15 school year. I have updated my teacher binder for the year. This thing was such a help to me last year, my students knew that I took it everywhere and they would always say, "Mrs. T, don't forget your binder!"

I used it all the time for meeting notes, parent contact, calendars and keeping everything organized. I could quickly tell you each students transportation method, or the schedule for the day. We had to provide a lot of information for teacher evaluations this year, so the binder helped me to keep all my artifacts in one place!

I'm beginning to think about classroom set up next year and I really really really want this new thing....
If that's not the most wonderful thing I have ever seen in the color of my classroom and everything!! I'm in love!!! I could just imagine the coffee and hot chocolate and tea and.... and... :) Let's see if I can fit it in my budget!

I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer, I know I am savoring the last days! What are you coveting for back to school?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale!

It's that time again! There is only one day left to shop the Cyber Sale at TpT. I know I will be stocking up on some good deals! I know this is a stressful time for all of us, so take the burden off and purchase some ready to go units! I'm currently using my fraction packet to teach fractions on a number line. So far so good! We are learning where fractions go between 0 and 1 and what they look like.
While you are in my store, be sure to pick up my RAK freebie. My class last year loved to hide little goodies and spread cheer around campus!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is in the air!

I stole this image from Starbucks website, but I'm thinking this is free advertising, right? :)

I adore this time of year! I am so happy to be sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Starbucks of course!) and groovin along at school. This is the sweet spot for getting so much done. I've taught them how to be in small groups and now we are moving fast! This week I will be finished with my first unit of study (shhh.. I was supposed to be done weeks ago! But you have to move slow to go fast, right?) We've learned how to ask and answer questions (we're still working on that citing evidence part) and we've done some prefix and suffix stuff, and also figurative language.

We are going to finish the unit this week with Lovin Lit's freebie featured in TpT's newsletter this Sunday. It says for grade 4-8, but I think my third graders can handle it! Is it bad that it caught my eye because it was teal chevron?

We will also be starting on rounding. Normally, rounding was really hard for third graders, but I learned last year how to make it a ton easier. First, we start off by counting by tens and hundreds in our counting circles. This helps them better understand where numbers end up. I also teach them expanded notation addition which helps them to know what the number "means" not just what it says. Finally, I teach them how to make a number line for finding the numbers that they are between before they start to round.

When they understand how to round on the number line, then we start using chants and other things to help us remember in a pinch.

I also show them this visual of a car. We talk about if they were on the road and the gas station was at zero and 10 and when they got to a certain point they would need to decide to turn around or go ahead. This is a great visual for them to understand. There are little cars with numbers for us to practice as a class where the car should go.

Finally, with these visual reminders, we are able to do the kind of rounding that is more likely to show up on a standardized test, where they are just given a number. I also included the car visual to help them remember!

I'm excited to get started and I think they are going to get a kick out of the car graphics (made by my hubby!)

If you are interested in Rounding Road you may purchase it in my store! There is a freebie rounding page in the preview as well!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Addition Practice

We've been working hard on addition so far this year. I've worked a lot on truly understanding what addition means, and what place value means. We started off by doing number bonds. I talk about it in this post {Singapore Math}. Pretty much we did A LOT of review on making ten, and bigger numbers and how to break apart numbers. With the help of Singapore disks (Thanks Donors Choose!), we made ten frames with dry erase markers on our desk and added one digit numbers. My principal got to see this, and luckly I didn't get in trouble for writing on the desks! :) 

After tons of practice with making ten and number bonds, we are working on simple addition to the thousands place. The method that has been really successful for me is expanded form addition.

By using expanded form addition, my students are able to add numbers in their head with lightning speed. I'm not quiet there this year, but last years' students amazed me with their math abilities, especially mental math. I think this form of addition also encourages a thorough understanding of place value, instead of following a rote procedure. Since CCSS asks that students do not learn the traditional algorithm for addition and subtraction, this helps students to be able to quickly and easily complete addition problems. This method also cuts down on errors from incorrect use of the standard algorithm.

This packet, with 13 worksheets for teaching this method of addition and number bonds is available at my TpT store {here}.