Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Singapore Math Strategies

My mind is swimming with thoughts of Common Core! I had a meeting about common core for math today and I am exhausted! Don't you think teacher meetings are more exhausting than actual teaching?

I've been trying to wrap my mind around some of the Singapore math strategies. I was fortunate to receive a training 2 weeks ago about numbers sense and Singapore math strategies. A lot of what was talked about was building number sense and ability to play with numbers by students. I have noticed that when I ask students what makes ten, they are able to tell me, but they are unable to decompose and compose numbers.
I started by having them use two ten frames. They were able to make the numbers using place value disks and see how many until they got to the next ten. They would exchange the ones for a ten so they could add simple two digit numbers, like 8+6.
They used the place value disks to do the worksheets that I had created to break apart numbers in order to add them. The hope is that they will learn mental math strategies and will be able to add in their head instead of using their fingers!

To answer this gap in their learning I have created a few worksheets. These have number bonds and decomposing numbers for addition. I am working on 3.NBT.2 right now, and these are the first step towards getting them to add and subtract to the thousands place.
 When students are able to add by breaking apart the number, my next step will be addition using expanded form. So if the problem is 22+17, they would add 20 and 10 and then 7 and 2. So they would get 30+9=39.

In addition to these pages, I also have these same pages but harder, as well as some addition pages with scaffolding for carrying.
Anyone else use Singapore methods for math instruction? What great resources have you found? I am in need of resources. I have found a couple books, Math Practice, Grade 3 (Singapore Math)Mental Math, Grade 3/Level 2: Strategies and Process Skills to Develop Mental Calculation (Singapore Math) and 70 Must-Know Word Problems, Grade 3 (Singapore Math) which were really helpful.

All of these sheets and more (13 worksheets!) are available on my TpT store.


  1. Hi There!!
    These sheets look really great. My grade level is piloting Singapore math this school year and we purchased all of the workbooks textbooks and textbooks for the kids. Our kids are really struggling with the concepts, and strategies and vocabulary since it's totally new to them. Many of the lessons don't have enough scaffolding because its intended to be used with kids who have received Singapore Math instruction from the lower grades (I teach 3rd). Are you just implementing the strategies this year?? They were really helpful when I taught the strategies to my kids..but using this as our core math curriculum is a bit overwhelming :/ Thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward to hearing more form you!

  2. I am winging the whole Singapore math thing. We had a training on it and that is about it. I totally understand what you mean about the students not having the foundation of number sense in third grade. I worked very hard on number bonds with them. I am amazed by their mental math skills now! Next up subtraction! I hope it goes okay!


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