Sunday, September 9, 2012

Open House!

My Curriculum Night/ Open House was last week! Yippee! Ok, not really. I love teaching, I love kiddos, but get a whole bunch of adults in the room and I get super nervous. So, I skip the whole big speech thing, and have my students show their parents around the room and I stand to the side passing out papers and answering any questions. I also like to have a power point on repeat that answers any questions they may have without having to wait to ask me.

One of the things that brought a lot of parents to my class this year was an activity I did with my students to make their parents find their desk. My students loved it and they dragged their parents into Open House just for that reason.

On the front, the students write about themselves, basically clues to help their parents find their desk. On the inside they write about what they like about the grade they are in and their parents write a note back to them.  The notes inside were so touching! The kiddos were so excited! For those that didn't have their parent attend open house, I wrote a note so they wouldn't feel left out!

I also did a scavenger hunt for students to show his or her parents around the room. This way, they showed them all the highlights!

Overall, a very calm and enjoyable evening! The parents loved it, and I  got rave reviews!

You can buy the guess who page, scavenger hunt, welcome sign, volunteer forms and sign in sheet at my TpT store. All of them are worded in several ways so hopefully your "open house" term will be there! And of course they are all polka dot!

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