Thursday, July 19, 2012

Top 8 Technology Sites for Test Prep~ NWEA MAP Math

I continue my series Top 8 Tech Sites for Test Prep. You can read about the #1 Tech Site for Test Prep~Arcademics.

2. NWEA MAP Math

Do you use NWEA at your school? My school district does, and one thing I really love about the test is good data about each student. My school and principal really push improvement on this test so one of the resources I use often is this site.

It is put together by a school district in Minnesota. I usually have my students practice these games in the computer lab. I find the area they are lowest in by their score in the NWEA test, so for example, algebra. After that, I find the level they are on and click that section.

In this example, I clicked on Algebra with a score between 171 and 180. It then gives me a list of games for the students to play. A word of caution: most of these require Adobe Flash or Javascript so make sure your computer is all set up for that before you start playing! Click here to find the NWEA MAP Math website. Yay for differentiated test prep!


  1. I've never heard of this! I will have to look it up. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope it works for you! It's been very useful! Thanks for stopping by!


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