Sunday, July 15, 2012

Common Core~AHHH!!

Anyone else a little nervous about Common Core? We are implementating K-3 this year, which means I will be getting third graders that did not have Common Core standards last year. AHHH!! I'm working on the finishing touches of an assessment of 2nd grade Common Core standards to give to my third graders in the first few days of school to see what they've missed.

In the mean time, I'm also looking at how my math textbook fits into the Common Core standards. I have listed out the standards and tried to compile the corresponding Harcourt lessons with them.

This is page one of a three page document. {Click} to download free from TpT        
I know this is hard to see, so I put it on Teachers Pay Teachers for free. I tried google docs, but couldn't quite figure that one out!  So anyways, does anyone else use Harcourt for their math textbook? Anyone else crazy/excited to start common core? I would love your ideas and feedback on this.

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