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Teacher Binder~ Chevron Teal

Stay organized this year with this editable binder. Over 58 pages! Includes 2013-2014 calendar, lesson plan templates, binder tabs and more! This file will be updated every year! Buy once, get it for free each year!

Classroom Organization~ Teal Chevron Classroom Decor

 Create an oasis for learning with this calming but stylish classroom decor set. Includes calendar, bulletin board headers, name plates. schedule, centers signs, clock labels and much more to decorate your classroom!

Student Goal Setting~ Creating SMART goals for NWEA, DRA and Behavior

This packet builds student buy in for testing. It also helps increase student awareness of their scores and how they can improve them. This packet includes weekly goal setting sheets, testing goal setting, test score graphing, bulletin board goal setting and learning targets poster.

Multiplication Sundaes

Encourage mastery of multiplication using this product. This includes sundae cut outs for display in the classroom, rewards certificates, daily multiplication quizzes that increase in difficulty, end of year certificate and tracking forms.

Fractions~ Comparing, Equivalents, Number Lines

This packet allows you to introduce fractions. It is aligned to the CCSS standards (3.NF.2, 3.NF.3, 3.G.2). It includes fractions on the number line, coloring fractions, comparing fractions, and finding equivalents. These are very hands on activities, and includes 3 games and a bulletin board set to show fractions happen (at least in third grade) between 0 and 1.

Area and Perimeter Worksheets and Games

This unit introduces students to area and perimeter. It allows them to use counting, repeated addition and multiplication to find area. It shows standard as well as different shapes. There is a hands on activity using Geoboards, and a game for Area and Perimeter. It is aligned to CCSS standards for area and perimeter (3.MD.5, 3.MD.6, 3.MD.7, 3.MD.8)

Parts of Speech Games~ Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs

These games allows students to practice grammar with comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs in an interesting and fun way. They are aligned to CCSS 3.L.1.

Common Core Multi-Format Third Grade Math Assessment

This assessment is great for assessing students in what they know for each CCSS standard for third grade. It includes 2 multiple choice and one extended response for each question. This would be great for report card grades or progress reports. 

Halloween Literacy Centers~ Common Core Aligned


This centers are a full weeks activities for literacy centers using CCSS standards. It includes 2 writing prompts, poetry, non-fiction text features, word work,  fact and opinion game, buddy reading with character traits and grammar.

Halloween Math Games~ Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication

Differentiate for learners in your classroom by using the same game to reinforce addition, subtraction or multiplication.

Holiday Grammar Games

This set of 4 games allows students to practice contractions, synonyms, antonyms, nouns and verbs in a fun and engaging way. I use this to help my ESL students build vocabulary.

Martin Luther King~ Non-Fiction Analysis and Mini Research Report

This Common Core aligned packet has a text feature hunt and mini research report for learning about Martin Luther King. This packet allows you to teach note taking skills and creating a report complete with non-fiction text features.

Third Grade Common Core Math Baseline/Quarterly Assessment

 This test includes a question from every standards. This is more in the format of a baseline and quarterly test. The test includes an answer key. I use this in my class each quarter to test what they have learned so far from each standard. 

 Common Core Third Grade Math Assessment~ Every Standard


 My most popular product. This quiz allows you to quickly assess knowledge of individual standards. Three students tests on one page to save on copies. Each standard has 3 questions. I use these as a pre-test before I start a new unit.

Open House Activity Packet

 This packet includes a sign in sheet, welcome sign, scavenger hunt, volunteer sign up and Guess Who page. My class adored the Guess Who? page and it really increased parent participation {2nd in the school next to my teacher friend who also used the page :) } The scavenger sheet provided a way for the students to lead their parents around the room and allowed me to drop in on the family as needed. I used the wording Curriculum Night, Open House and Back to School.

Meet Your Teacher Bulletin Board Set

Blackline printable bulletin board set. Print on colorful paper for an eye-popping bulletin board. I plan to use it to showcase our third grade team during back to school night! Includes frames for teacher pictures, teacher survey, headline, grade level headlines and ribbon graphic for writing teacher names.

Bucket Filling Activity Packet


This packet includes a break down of everything you need to do to start bucket filling in the classroom. It includes 2 worksheets, anchor chart headers for brainstorming bucket filling and bucket dipping ideas, a journal, coloring pages, end of year keepsake and 2 kinds of bucket labels, bucket filling tickets, and mini buckets to color.

Common Core 2nd Grade Math Assessment

This is a math assessment aligned to the Common Core standards for second grade. I plan to use it for my third graders beginning of the year assessment. It could also be used as a baseline for second grade or an end of year for second graders. It has 33 questions and an answer key.


Parent Questionnaire and Child Interview

This download includes a "Get to Know You" questionnaire for the parents to fill out including siblings, learning struggles, allergies and other topics. This page also includes an interview for the parent to interview the child. It asks them their feeling about school and learning. I thought this would be great to give again to gauge my effectiveness. 


Student Information Card/ Parent Contact Log

This download has the Student Information card information on the front with a place for recording parent contact on the back. Great to keep handy during fire drills or parent calls from your home.


Literacy Center Labels

Label your centers or use in a pocket chart. 16 total labels with 2 blank labels. I will be glad to personalize for you!


Bucket Filling Cards

Bucket filling cards for use with "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. This has been a great classroom management technique. Also available in color for FREE!! {Bucket filling forms in color}

 Bucket Filling Labels

I use these to label my buckets. They say "I'm a bucket filler!"

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