Thursday, January 24, 2013

Parts of Speech lessons

I have been working on writing this week in my classroom. I pulled in a few things from Step Up to Writing. It is a great program, and starts very simply and moves up in difficulty. Today we worked on sentence fragments. The students had fun making the fragments into complete sentences. They loved making each other laugh with their silly sentences! Tomorrow we will be working on sentence parts. We will be talking about what a sentence needs to be interesting and complete, the who, what, when, where and why. We will talk about how the what is verbs and the who is nouns.

They will practice their noun, verb, adjective, and adverb identification by playing Parts of Speech Sort using this game board and recording sheet.

After they are able to identify parts of speech, we are also going to add in superlative adjectives and adverbs, which is Common Core Standard 3.L.1. I have never had to teach superlatives in third grade, but my students seemed to know what they were, we just had to work on the spelling of them! Now that they know what they are, they will be able to practice their skills during literacy centers.

I have created a few games for 3.L1, it includes parts of speech and superlative adjectives and adverbs games. There are three boards and 117 total cards with recording sheets for each game and two versions of each game. I hope this will help you teach this kind of boring stuff. I really hate grammar! :) Parts of Speech Games are available for purchase {here} in my TpT store.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


So I should be working on grading assessments, and math continuums and ESL paperwork, but instead I will write this blog post.

This week is killing me with the teacher paper work! My head is going to explode! Anyone else in crunch time?

My birthday was this week so I gave myself some school time off which led me to being so behind! Ah!!

Anyways, in class we are working on subtraction. This was something my students are still struggling with so I did a review lesson today. I used the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. If you haven't checked it out, it is awesome!

I started by having students complete the problem on their white boards then we went over it together.
The great thing about this website is that when you put the red cubes on top of the blue cubes the blue ones disappear. Also, when you borrow, you just move the rod to the ones, and it will break apart into the ones. The students seemed to really understand how it works now.

We did several problems like this and I also showed them how to subtract by expanding using the Singapore methods. In the above problem, you would say that it was 100 +60+12 and the bottom number was 80+5. Then subtract the 12-5 and get 7 and 100-80 and get 20 plus the 60 that is there, so 80 plus the 7 left over. So the answer is 87.

I think I cleared up some misconceptions. Now, to work on other things they are confused about before they take the NWEA next week (equivalent fractions, number lines, line plots etc!).

I hope you all are going less crazy then me! If you are equally crazy, please tell me what you are procrastinating!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Assessments, Goals and MLK, oh my!

Anyone else completely and utterly exhausted, but in a good way? I've enjoyed coming back to my 21 smiling faces, and we've hit the ground running! With report cards due Monday at 8:00 am, I have been scrambling to make sure I have everything assessed.

My students used this test for math.

I just copied the standards I needed that I had all ready taught, which turned out to be 17, which shocked me! It was a lot, which meant the test took FOREVER. Even with only three questions the students really took a long time.

The test has 2 multiple choice and an extended response question that required an explanation and drawing. It was good though, because it was a great way to see what I need to work on before the state test in March. Also, a great stamina builder! :)

We also worked on goals and talked about New Year's resolutions and how the students can have goals for what they want to achieve. They created action steps and we talked about SMART goals.

Next week my plan is to work on Non-Fiction text features and informative writing, an important part of Common Core. One way I will do this is my new MLK Non-Fiction Text Analysis and Mini Research Report product.

This allows me to teach about text features (heading, photo, caption, title) as well as, how to answer and ask questions about non-fiction and find answers in text.

There is a timeline and map page as well! I think it is so important that they are able to use a timeline and read a map.

Finally, they will be able to create their own article about MLK using the provided graphic organizer and pictures they can cut out.

In addition, I found this super cute activity that has some cute graphic organizers for writing about MLK's values of respect and peace by TpT seller, The First Grade Reader. Download {here}. I will use these when I read the "I Have a Dream" book which is the text of his famous speech paired with beautiful pictures.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!

Purchase products here:
Common Core 3rd Grade Multi-Format Math Assessment
Student Goal Setting Packet: Create SMART Goals for NWEA, DRA and Behavior
Martin Luther King: Non Fiction Text Analysis and Mini Research Report