Sunday, July 22, 2012

Target Dollar Spot

Today the hubby and I had an amazing breakfast at Big Biscuit in Kansas City. We sampled their cinnamon roll pancakes, they were good but so sweet! They were much bigger than my head, and I have a big head! After breakfast we went to buy a few groceries and of course I dragged my husband to the Target Dollar Spot!

I took some pictures of the Dollar Spot for your viewing pleasure! I only bought a few things but I took pics for those of you unable to check it out quiet yet! First for what I bought:

I got the globe stress balls for students needing a little extra movement, and the bin to put them in. I also got the adorable mini lockers. I'm thinking paperclips and binder clips would be perfect!

Now for the pics of the Dollar Spot, I hope you find them useful, because this girl was looking at me so strange for taking pictures! Anyone else have this experience as a blogger?
Color coded: red, blue, green, yellow

Lots of bins!

Cardboard letters- think of the possibilities!

Desk organizers!

 Dollar Spot had some very cute stuff, buy not as much teal as I would like! :) Happy shopping!

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  1. Big Biscuit is delicious! I used to live five minutes from there!

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