Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Shopping Linky

 Ladybug's Teacher Files is hosting the Summer Shopping Linky.

I've been looking forward to this linky since I saw the post in June and started my blog in July! I really love looking at everyone's finds. My pocket book doesn't like it too much though! :)

Oh, shopping! I've bought quite a few things this summer, but my most recent purchases were:

The number line and paper kit are from a teacher store and the curtains are from Target. The paper kit is pretty neat, it has graph paper, a giant piece of ruled paper, and a normal size of ruled paper. They are all dry erase and I will use them for showing my class how to organize their paper. 

I'm very excited about the curtains. I have a gorgeous view, but the light from the window leaves a major glare on my SMART board, not to mention it gets HOT over there! 
See those glaring windows?

My desk is near the window so I thought curtains would work. They match my teal theme too! This picture is my "before" class photo. Hopefully, I will have a more finished look soon!

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