Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bucket filling

I got my class list today. I am so excited to start the year. So far it looks like 12 girls and 8 boys. I'm sorry to those of you with 30 students. I bow down to your amaziness!!

I worked on more details for my classroom today. I wanted it to look presentable because parents come next week for assessment days. One of the things I did was put my buckets together. I am a BIG believer in the power of bucket filling.

So I attached tags to the buckets with wrapping ribbon.  I wrote the students name on both sides with permanent marker.

Here's what they look like hung up!

You can see in this pic the books I start off the year with. I especially love "Say Something " and "Have You Filled a Bucket Today? " of course!

To hang my buckets I use clear plastic hooks like these.

I put mine up last year and they are still going strong! I also hung up the posters you can barely see in the pic.

My students will begin filling bucket right away! I have bucket filling forms on their desks for them to fill out about each other. I read them aloud to encourage other students to be bucket fillers. This program has really given my classroom a positive and nurturing classroom environment. 

The tags, posters, and activities are all available on my Bucket Filling Classroom Activity Packet at my TpT store.

Do you use bucket filling in your classroom? What do you like about it? Anyone work at a bucket filling school? I would love to know what that is like!


  1. I'm planning to use bucket filling this year.
    I must admit I'm a little worried about setting it up - any advice?

    1. I would buy the book "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" first off, and read it several times during the first week. I would give the students a chance to talk about bucket filling and bucket dipping and what those look like. Then, I would show students how to fill out bucket filling forms and read them aloud. Model to them what it should sound like, and what is meaningful. I give my students time during the first week to write bucket filling forms and after that they do it in their free time. I would recommend my Bucket filling packet from TpT. It has the forms, labels for buckets, worksheets, two journals and a break down of activities for the first two weeks. I also talk more about bucket filling in my bucket filling blog post. Let me know how it goes in your classroom!

  2. I love you bucket idea! Wonderful. 20 is such a nice number, I wish every classroom had only 20 students in it!


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