Saturday, August 25, 2012

Phew! and First week Read-Alouds

My first week is over! My class is super cute and fun! No major behavior problems as far as I can tell.

I read If Everybody Did yesterday and they all cracked up!

I love reading a good book and having them interact with the book. I use this book all year round to remind them what would happen if everyone picked the grass in assemblies, everybody yelled across the room or everybody took their shoes off during class! :)

Another read-aloud I read this week was Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon . They were all begging me to read that book so I did.

They cracked up, and said oh and aw over all the pictures (I told you they were cute!) We started working on text connections and noticing and wonderings so we talked about what they noticed, wondered and how they could connect with the text. I also use this book to talk about how it is okay to be different and we should support each other in being different!
I also read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse to talk about school rules and why we have to follow them. After we read the book we came up with our own expectations for school and those became our rules.

I started my novel read-aloud as well. I am reading Rules by Cynthia Lord and it is a great book so far. The main character in the story is Catherine and her brother David. David has autism and Catherine wishes he was normal.  This read-aloud will be used for my first book report example for realistic fiction and it also enables a discussion about fair not always being equal. We talk about how some students may need wiggle seats or fidgets to be successful, but not everyone needs those things.

What are your first week read-alouds? Next week I will be reading, Chrysanthemum (name tag activity), Say Something, My Secret Bully and A Bad Case Of Stripes . I'm also hoping to find my copy of A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue to addresses the whole tattling vs. reporting issue!

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