Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Wow! This week has been crazy so far! I have been working hard testing all of my students! I have professional development tomorrow and a work day on Friday and my students start Monday. So far, my students seem so sweet!

This week I finished my Common Core Math Assessment with all standards from third grade. I plan to use it to quickly assess student progress on a standard. Each page has 3 student tests with 3 questions each.

This is the one for 3.MD.8.There are three of the same thing on one page. This way I only have to make a few copies, can cut them out and have a quick idea of how much my students know. I think these would be great to use before the end of quarter for those of us who have to have a grade for every standard at once!

You can purchase the packet by clicking here!

Anyone else as nervous as I am about starting Common Core?

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