Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Wow! I've been missing in action for awhile! :) I'm excited that it is summer, but I can't believe it is all ready July! Insanity! I've been working hard with my hubby to fix up our house, so that has been exhausting! When it's too hot to work, I've been working on TpT products. My most recent addition is this Volume and Mass Scoot. Hopefully, it will make BORING volume and mass much more interesting!

It's aligned to CCSS 3.MD.2. It has real world examples, word problems and beaker reading. My students last year loved to play Scoot and it gives them the movement they always need! I hope it will help you out! Download it for free by clicking {here}!

For those of you just starting your summer, happy summer! I'll be back soon with my next MAJOR product for teacher organization!

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