Thursday, March 28, 2013

Now I can Breathe...

I can breathe again! We wrapped up testing this week and I finished and passed my dossier! I am SUPER excited to be done with that craziness. My class is all hyped up for Spring Break which is STILL one week away!

In the mean time, I've been searching out new websites and trying new things in my classroom now that the testing crunch is over. A couple new websites I've found have provided me some inspiration.

I went to a CCSS Math training two weeks ago and learned some great tips. One of the great resources they shared was This website was created by one of the author's of the Common Core Standards, so it has great examples of the rigor required by the CCSS.

This example shows an example for 3.G.2, a geometry standard. The examples have higher order thinking and a commentary for teachers. These problems can also allow for more than one answer and require talk between students. I think this website is great for finding examples of tasks required of students to be successful with the CCSS.

Not all standards have an example yet, but the site seems to be expanding! I will check back often for more examples!

If you are on Spring Break, enjoy it! Happy Easter to everyone!

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